Building a 1971 Holden GTS Monaro was a child hood dream. One that just couldn’t wait till retirement either. Here is the exciting moment the beast came to life.

After an extensive search a car was sourced in 2010, a rolling shell plus parts but a solid foundation for a custom build nonetheless. Body work was carried out by the expert team at Andy’s Restorations, then over the next few years between stints in storage paint, drive line, steering, brakes, rims and interior were slowly sourced and reconditioned.

The idea was to stay true to original clean style that the HQ Monaros had when the came off the production line. With a few mod cons added to improve performance and few subtle body mods to clean up the appearance, the end result will be a more refined version of one of Australia’s greatest production muscle cars.

It’s running a mild 308, Turbo 350 and 10 Bolt diff for now. 

There is a very long list of people who have contributed their time and expertise over the years, you all know who you are and you will all be getting a few laps around the block (just not in the drivers seat) once its on the road.